Andrew Gillum Says His $33 Trillion Healthcare Plan Saves Money


Florida’s Socialist gubernatorial candidate is running as a Democrat. Since 2014, Andrew Gillum has served as Mayor of Tallahassee, a city under FBI investigation for corruption. He has a platform of free everything but no plan of how to pay for all of it.

During an interview on CNN, Dana Bash, to her credit, tried to find out how he planned to pay for Single Payer healthcare.

“A study earlier this summer from George Mason University estimates that Medicare for all, that plan, would cost the government $33 trillion — with a T — dollars over the next decade, which obviously would require a significant tax increase,” Bash said. “Are you ready to tell the people of Florida that they need to pay a lot more in taxes to fund your health care plan?”

Mayor Gillum couldn’t answer the question although he tried. He actually said it will save trillions spending $33 trillion over the next decade.

Taxes won’t go up, but he will put 700,000 people on the dole — expanded Medicaid.

People should also vote for him because he had a bad childhood and healthcare is personal for him.

Gillum then fell back on the old standby — it’s his opponent Ron DeSantis’s and the President’s fault that healthcare is so expensive. Apparently, he has forgotten Obamacare is Obama’s baby.

Then he said he’d raise taxes.

To pay for this plan, Democrats would have to ask people to fork over half their salary to the government despite what he says. Corporations aren’t going to pay for it.

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Aodh P O'Beachain
Aodh P O'Beachain
5 years ago

Florida has too many conservative voters to allow this Loonie Left to win with extreme socialist bankrupt tax-policies

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Vote for him and turn Florida into California, exit business, enter redistribution of wealth programs, mass welfare programs, increase in poverty, blame the failure on racism. What a huge successful moral victory for Socialism.