Angry Citizen Asks Letitia James Why She Wants to Quarantine People


New York Attorney General Letitia James appealed a 2022 ruling preventing the state from using an emergency health order to force the quarantine of citizens. She was asked about it during a parade.

A citizen asked James why her office was appealing the ruling. She responded by asking if they could talk about it when they’re “not at a parade.”

The individual continued to press her, telling her a judge had already ruled the regulation was unconstitutional, and she replied, “We’ll resolve it in court, sir, not at a parade.”

“What you are doing is evil,” the man told James, to which she responded, “Thank you.”

He was eventually ushered off as he called her “evil” and told her she was “doing a terrible job.” He also mentioned she works for Hochul, “the evil witch.” He screamed that Letitia James “wants to put people in quarantine camps.”

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Reader mostly
Reader mostly
5 months ago

She is asking courts for permission to commit a felony. Now you know where you stand, New York.

We had no lockdowns, no mandates, vaccination was voluntary, and all my neighbors are still alive and doing well. People here treated covid like the flu: if you are sick, stay home. If you get sick, ask your Grandma what to do.

5 months ago

People are fed up and can’t remain quiet any longer. I applaud this gentleman for speaking out.