Animal Protester Nearly Loses His Head Over Ducks


Do you love ducks enough to die for them?

I thought the climate protesters in London, who glued themselves to the floor of a Porsche museum, were the most ridiculous until I saw these people in the duck processing plant.

Dead ducks on a line in a processing plant

Direct Action Everywhere protesters chained their necks to a line of dead ducks on a revolving conveyor belt in a duck processing plant. One dope’s neck and head were pulled as the line started to move. He said he was almost decapitated. We are glad that didn’t happen, but it is his fault.

The group wants every animal freed and won’t stop until it happens. They need to get a life and maybe some therapy.

After the Porsche protesters glued themselves to the floor, the staff turned off the lights and went home for the night. The next day, the protesters whined and moaned because their hands hurt and they couldn’t go to the bathroom.

C’est la vie, silly people.

You have to be some kind of dopey to chain your neck to a line that sends ducks to be processed.

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