Reparations Panel Wants a Wealth Tax and Freedom for Criminals


The chair of the California reparations panel pushed for a wealth, mansion, or property tax to pay billions to descendants of slaves in a massive wealth redistribution scheme based on the color of a person’s skin. Experts testified white people are “more likely” to be rich, so it’s a great way to garner funds.

Kamilah V. Moore said she plans to be as extreme as possible.

There are plenty of rich black people in San Francisco, and they will likely not go for this.

Chair Kamilah Moore tweeted that the panel is considering new taxes to fund payments to descendants of slaves.

This is nothing more than anti-white hate and greed which was driven by white liberals (leftists). It’s Democrats who ruined our cities. It’s Democrats driving this.

The left pretends all white people are supremacists. What they are doing is destroying the majority to further their agenda.

The panel has previously proposed paying each black resident $223,000, but many of the members of this panel of thieves want more.

Troublemaking WOKE Gov. Newsom set this up without any effort to keep them under control.


They want to let criminals out of prison and call it reparations.

“The [potential final reparations] proposals run dozens of pages. One panelist calls for closing ten prisons in the state and using the savings for the Freedman Bureau’s work.”

Moore said, “The committee did approve a recommendation that would create a new state agency, the California American Freedman Affairs Agency, which would oversee and monitor any future reparations legislation as well as process reparations claims.”

These people are without a conscience. They want money from every white person for every black person, especially if they’re wealthy.

This is very extreme and follows the mantra of the communist Pan Africans.

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