We Must Stop Anti-White Racism Before It’s Too Late


The left claims Memphis resident Tyre Nichols’s death is a result of “white supremacy,” even though all of the police officers charged in relation to his death are black. Tyre was black. It’s a majority-black Democrat city and has been for years. It has been very dangerous for years. The analysis at the end by Mark Dice is excellent.

“Doesn’t matter what color those police officers are,” Rep. Maxwell Frost, D-Fla., tweeted on Friday evening.

“The murder of Tyre Nichols is anti-Black and the result of white supremacy,” he added.

Anti-white racism is out of control. We must call it out, no matter how much we hate to do it.

Rep. Frost is a racist, and we have to start calling these people out. We must stop anti-white racism. At the least, we need to call it out.

We already discussed Van Jones and Jemele Hill who blame white people for five black officers killing one black man.

Troublemaker Medhi Hassan said we mustn’t assume it isn’t racism just because all the cops are black and the victim is black. Give it a rest, Mehdi.

Many others are trying to blame the killing in Memphis of Tyre on white people.

Since black people commit half the homicides in the USA, and they are 13% of the population, maybe we should look into ways that black people can do better.

The propaganda of Critical Race Theory is causing tremendous damage.

The 6-year-old boy who shot his teacher, intending to kill her, is a black child. Stop blaming white people.

The anti-white agenda is out of control, and it’s mostly white liberals pushing it. They exploit anger in the black communities when the biggest problems are in Democrat cities where white liberals reign. That’s what white liberals are trying to hide.

Excellent analysis:

via Mark Dice

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