Another Awful Week for Progressive, Coastal Elite, Media Darlings Cuomo & Newsom


It’s been another awful week for governors Andrew Cuomo (NY) and Gavin Newsom (CA).  The progressive darlings of a biased, leftist media are now facing a possible loss of their governorships.

The recall petition aimed at Newsom surpassed 1.9 million signatures.  Only 1.5 million are needed but the recall’s organizers will continue collecting signees for another two weeks.   The extra names are needed because Newsom, one Democrat who’s suddenly become very sensitive to possible voter fraud, will most certainly issue challenges in court.

In addition to the recall effort, Newsom is facing a low point in his approval ratings as well as criticism over his handling of the state’s coronavirus response and vaccine rollout.  He even got sued by a high school student last month over his pandemic-induced ban on scholastic sports.

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, Andrew Cuomo is reeling from more sexual harassment accusations from women, and the fallout from mounting, damning information on his nursing home coverup scandal.  Making matters worse, the “Luv Gov”, an Emmy winner for his overhyped briefings, has flopped badly in recent pressers.  The old joke, he only opens his mouth to change feet, works here.

Worse still for “King Andrew Slayer of the Elderly”, is that powerful New York State Dem lawmakers aren’t finding anything funny about any of this.  The Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins has called on him to resign.  New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie was less direct but made no effort to defend the leader of his party.

Just last spring Andrew and Gavin were riding high, carried on the shoulders of fawning reporters.  The latter, blinded by the glow of their progressive golden boys, ignored the many Cuomo/Newsom policies causing economic devastation and death.

Now it appears even a formerly adoring press can’t hide giant warts on these two, so they’ve pretty much stopped trying.  Minus that enabling, governors Cuomo and Newsom are being left to survive based on their unvarnished records.   Ouch.

With a little luck, maybe both will be headed for the private sector before the year is out.  We can only hope they’ll do less damage there.


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