Another Biden Success! 400 Sq. Foot Homes All the Rage


San Antonio home with 400 to 660 square feet for $159K, roughly 25 times 26.5 square feet. It’s okay if you don’t have claustrophobia.

The New York Times author calls it “The Great Compression” of single-family home neighborhoods. A home for $159,000 in one San Antonio development called Elm Trails gives you 661 square feet for that money.  It’s not a “colony of tiny homes” but rather a “chance to hold on to ownership,” one buyer assured the author.

It has so many benefits. There’s less walking from one room to another, and it’s so easy to vacuum. You only need one outlet to vacuum the entire home. You don’t need a coffee table because it wouldn’t fit if you plan to open the front door. So says the author.

Thank the great Bidenflation, interest rates, and illegal immigration projects. It’s collapsing the American Dream, and the media will soon convince you that there never was an American Dream.

Some of the homes are 400 square feet or 20 by 20.

You don’t have to pay rent but have common charges and taxes. Don’t be surprised if they’re all tagged in a few years.

The Times:

“This is the front end of what we are going to see,” said Ken Perlman, a managing principal at John Burns Research and Consulting.

Extremely small homes have long been an object of curiosity and fodder for internet content; their tight proportions seem to say large things about their occupants. On social media and blogs, influencers swipe at American gluttony and extol the virtues of a life with less carbon and clutter than the standard two-car suburb.

Yay, less carbon, no more gluttony, except for the rich doing this to us. Only peasants are gluttons. This is more of the World Economic Forum and UN BS. The UN hates home ownership and capitalism. Consider this the camel’s nose under the tent.

Think of how cheap and easy it will be to decorate. Don’t worry if this isn’t your thing; Wall Street is buying up homes and can rent them back to you at high rents, so you don’t need to live in these tiny homes.

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