Another Bidenomics Success: You Can’t Have a House


Bidenomics is a pie-in-the-sky economic vision centered around three key pillars: Making smart public investments in America, Empowering and educating workers to grow the middle class, and Promoting competition to lower costs and help entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive. Sounds great, but it’s not working.

Democrats always think the big government can do it better than the market, but that never works.

This is what the government geniuses think will help the housing market – LGBT senior housing. This administration is wildly out of touch with reality.

According to a new report by real estate data provider ATTOM, housing affordability “is the worst it has been in decades,” and “the typical salary required nationwide for homeownership is up to $106,500,” a 61% increase compared to just four years ago. It was $59,000 then.

Rep. Jeff Duncan reported: “Bidenomics means you can’t cover your mortgage. Foreclosures are going up while home affordability is at its worst. In my home state of South Carolina, foreclosures increased 51%. Joe Biden’s economic policies are failing America.”

Fox Business reported on the foreclosures:

Home foreclosures rose in February due to the cost of living under Bidenomics. ATTOM found 32,938 properties in February, up 8% from last year.

That is largely due to a lack of homes for sale. According to Fox Business, sellers who locked in a low mortgage rate before the pandemic began have been reluctant to sell, leaving eager would-be buyers few options.

People can’t afford to sell their homes, and they can’t move up, which was always part of the American dream.

Also, the Fed’s rate hike sent interest rates to over 8%.

Biden’s wild spending, which was meant to provide affordable housing under Bidenomics, is a complete bust. Government spending inflated food and gas prices and made housing more unaffordable.

Rep. Hinson offered his opinion: “Biden created a housing crisis.” Communists AOC and her Squad friends want “to make it worse by making the government your permanent landlord.”

AOC is totally misguided. What do they teach them in the Boston College economics program?

Illegal immigration isn’t helping.

Chicago residents have had enough of illegal immigration.

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