Another Democrat Discovers the Border Is Open


Democrat billionaire Bill Ackman, who waged an online fight against DEI President Claudine Gay, has another shock about our administration. In an X post, he asked people to read a letter by two former high-level FBI officials about the danger caused by our open border policies.

He found the “FBI agents’ message irrefutable and extremely concerning. It is shocking that @POTUS is fighting Texas’ attempt to protect our southern border. Why aren’t Federal agents protecting our border rather than fighting to keep the border open to millions of unaccountable masses entering illegally at a time of great geopolitical uncertainty and heightened terrorism risk?

“How does this make any sense for the safety and security of our country?

“What is Biden or, perhaps better said, the people behind Biden thinking?”

While the content of the alarming letter won’t come as a surprise to you, it appears to have shocked Mr. Ackman. We need to do a better job of getting this information out.

He included a link to the letter via Big Fish.

Ackman shared End Wokeness’ quote:

Regardless of how this ends in Texas, it is critical to remember this moment. The federal government is on the verge of outright war with Texas + 25 governors in order to open up the border for invaders. This is all despite the fact that the border crisis is now ranked as the TOP issue for voters going into the 2024 election. This is how much it means to the regime. They are willing to sacrifice an election in order to replace the current population. This is a long-term investment.

As we said, it’s never good when Civil War is trending. Remember, the Civil War was not taken seriously at first. People were riding in buggies with picnic baskets to watch the battles.

I saw an expression today from Dr. McCullough. I can’t remember where: “It’s hopeless, but not serious.”

“To paraphrase Dr. McCullough, right now, the nation is deeply divided on immigration, abortion, Israel, Ukraine, climate, hate and revenge. So, where do we go from here?

“It’s hopeless, but not serious.”


Drug cartels control the border. This is very un-American.

This is why!

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