“Journalism Is in a Death Spiral” as Propaganda Media Nukes Staff


New York Daily News staffers walked off the job Thursday to protest “chronic cuts” by its hedge fund owners that “shrink the budget to fill their pockets.”

About 40 members of the Daily News union walked a picket line in the rain around a Midtown Manhattan office building where the News maintains a co-working space that can fit only six people, according to union leaders.

The vulture hedge fund Alden Global Capital bought the 104-year-old paper. The fund owns 200 newspapers due to the $633 million acquisition of Tribune Publishing.

Daily News workers have “quit in droves,” while new policies require the skeleton staff to get pre-approved for overtime pay.

The Daily News has been a rag for much of its existence, but for years it’s been a leftist rag.

The Washington Post, another woke paper, cut 240 jobs with buyouts, and now the remaining staff want a contract.

Business Insider laid off 8% of its staff, MSNBC cut 1900 jobs, and the LA Times cut 20% of its staff.

Cable news ratings have fallen amid an uncompetitive presidential primary contest. Esteemed titles like Sports Illustrated, already a shadow of their former selves, have been gutted overnight.

The Times blames the digital age, which is certainly part of it, but the back story is they sell propaganda, and people look elsewhere for news.

According to Northwestern University’s Medill School, an average of five local newspapers are closing every two weeks, with more than half of all American counties now so-called news deserts with limited access to news about their hometowns. Of 1,100 public radio stations and affiliates, only about one in five produces local journalism.

“At a time when America arguably needs more solid news coverage than ever, it is very disturbing to see economic forces arrange so powerfully against traditional news sources,” said Andrew Heyward, a former CBS News president who works with a group of M.I.T. researchers studying the future of news and information, writes the Times.

“It’s not just disturbing,” he added. “It’s dangerous.”

Expect more censorship.

Condé Nast faces layoffs, so they’re on strike.

BuzzFeed and Vice Media are looking to sell off assets. BuzzFeed has lost over 97% of its value since going public in 2021 and is looking to sell its food sites, Tasty and WeFeast. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports that Fortress Investment Group took over Vice in bankruptcy last year and wants to sell its Refinery29 women’s lifestyle site.

Time Magazine is laying off 30 employees out of 200-500.

Newspaper graveyard

Taylor Lorenz, a recently laid-off, current woke vlogger, says in a YouTube video that journalism is in a “death spiral.” She says tens of thousands have been laid off in a year.

Could it be that people noticed they are fake news and propaganda outlets for the Democrat Party?

Sadly, there are a lot of good journalists, even on fake news CNN, but the media is ruining their reputations and taking decent journalists down. No one wants real journalism to disappear, just the propaganda.

Watch – she makes some good points – but claims we’ll miss them. She’s a psycho by the way.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
29 days ago

Taylor Lorenz – so right about the need for journalists! So wrong about what it means to be a journalist!
Peter King, long one of mu favourite sports journalists lost me when he went woke through his daughter’s lesbianism. However recently he was on the mark as he pointed out the lying and other scandals of his industry.