Another hate hoax from a fake victim! Go Back to Africa! Die n*s”


Andy Ngo reported that the hate crime at White Bear Lake Area High School was a hoax by an unidentified student who will not be criminally charged.

The furor began when an alleged racist sent vile racist messages privately from Instagram to almost every black student. One of the messages was, “Go back to Africa.”

Messages like that are obviously hoaxes.

Police in Minnesota used forensics to find the author, who turned out to be a black female student.

Mr. Ngo writes: In another “hate hoax” incident or many, almost all, perhaps all, it appears that the girl was sending racist messages to other black female students, although police could only confirm that she was the one who created the account. As far as individual messages go, they can, however, confirm that the messages did originate from her home IP.

According to The College Fix, the messages were virulently threatening and racist in nature, containing such phrases as “die, ni**er”, among others.

One message said, ‘Go back to Africa. With your tribe.’ Another post said, ‘GET HANGED. DIE. KILL YOURSELF,” KSTP-TV reported.

The girl is. member of the Black Excellence Club. She said one other person is involved but would not name the person.

She confessed after lying originally.

People who do things like this really buy into the whole victimhood nonsense. Thank a Democrat.

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