Another hoax crime to make white kids look like racists


Another anti-Black hoax in a Missouri high school caused an uproar and then it was discovered a Black student was the culprit, Daily Mail reports.

The student wrote ‘n’ word graffiti in two high schools, calling for the death of Black people. That led to a walk-out of well-intentioned high school students. As it happens a Black student was responsible for the graffiti.

‘HOPE ALL BLACK PEOPLE DIE,’ ‘N*****’ and other racist phrases were ‘all over the stalls, on the ground [and] on the mirrors’ in school bathrooms

More than 1,000 students walked out the day after the September 23 incident, passing around a megaphone to share experiences of campus discrimination.

“I am sick and tired of people getting racially profiled,” said Catherine Arlena Lopez-Reyes into a bullhorn. “I just want to say to the school, do better.”

Whenever something like this comes up, everyone wants to have a story to share, whether it’s true or not.

“The student responsible is not white,” wrote Superintendent Keith Marty. “This does not diminish the hurt it caused or impact it has had on our community.”

It doesn’t diminish the hurt? Huh? What?

The guilty party admitted to the act after the school launched an investigation – they now face “severe disciplinary consequences” and a “referral to law enforcement.”

Regardless of the new development, the superintendent wrote, “more work is needed to ensure our school… [is] safe for each student regardless of their race.”

“I want to tell the thousands of students who participated [in the walk-outs]: I am proud of you for supporting one another and we heard you loud and clear.”

How about discussing the importance of integrity. Falling back on racism when there was no racism is an excuse to not discuss hoaxes by Black kids. It’s a way of ignoring the problem and promoting the fake racism mantra.

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