Another Leak, This One of Mike Pence Betraying Donald Trump


The DOJ, which gagged Donald Trump, leaked more potentially damaging information against the former president.

Former Vice President Mike Pence allegedly sold out President Trump to Special Counsel Jack Smith earlier this year in a closed-door testimony.

Chief Judge James Boasberg, an Obama appointee, ordered former Vice President Mike Pence to testify before a grand jury about his conversations with President Trump related to January 6.

They’ve destroyed executive privilege, but only for Donald Trump.

According to a leak to ABC News, Mike Pence told Jack Smith that Trump hired a bunch of “crank” lawyers who espoused “un-American” legal theories and almost pushed the country toward a “constitutional crisis.”

Pence added that Trump was acting “recklessly” on January 6, 2021.

The sources said Pence also told investigators he’s “sure” that — in the days before Jan. 6, 2021, when a violent mob tried to stop Congress from certifying the election — he informed Trump he still hadn’t seen evidence of significant election fraud, but Trump was unmoved, continuing to claim the election was “stolen” and acting “recklessly” on that “tragic day.”

Pence allegedly told investigators he believes Trump was speaking “in very general terms,” not about specific instances of fraud.” ABC reported.

There was no need for Pence to make these subjectiv3 comments – none.

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Trump Won
Trump Won
3 months ago

Did that lying traitor drop out of the race yet? He must be dumber than he looks not to realize we’re at this place because te failed in his duties as VP. And to think Trump trusted him along with so many others who betrayed Trump and our country. Can we ever get it back? God I hope so!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
3 months ago

Another tempest in a teapot.
The question is not what did Trump say or do (nothing criminal which is clear on the record), but how did Pence interpret it.

His ‘evidence’ doesn’t even rise to the point of nonsense ‘hearsay’, but speak more to the mind of Pence, who ignored all the evidence of vote fraud, and felt he has ‘top save the union.’

Jut more reason why Pence can never again be allowed to serve in high office.

It would be fun though to watch the video of Pence talking with Jack Smith, and see how a devious Beria operates, in try9ng to create a case without facts!