Another ordinary traffic stop: Driver throws chemicals and Molotov cocktails at cops


No traffic stop is ordinary.

In one more example, a man running a red light was stopped by the police. When the officer approached, the driver doused the officer with a chemical before fleeing. Fortunately, the officer wasn’t hurt.

A few blocks later, the police stopped the 44-year-old again and he threw a Molotov Chemical at the officers. Again, fortunately, the officers were not hurt as it bounced off their car.

The man fled again and crashed. Then he was arrested.

He had three more Molotov Cocktails in his car.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea responded to the incident on Twitter, saying in part, “This is another reminder of how quickly a situation can change [and] the dangers your cops face every day while they’re protecting [New Yorkers].”

The Mayor of Brooklyn Center told the community that he is open to the idea of disarming the police at some traffic stops.


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Ernest Borgnine's Taxi
Ernest Borgnine's Taxi
2 years ago

A Molotov cocktail free zone sign? You gotta permit for those Molotov cocktails?
Get ready for a summer of riots that make 1968 look like a walk in the park.
The coup is about the complete and final destruction of the republic the way it was founded.
Was it perfect? Certainly not but still the only chance for freedom and liberty on this earth.

O/T-just read about the Equity Act of 2021 with $20k-25,000 assistance for anyone not a whitey.
Went out to Howie Longfellow park and there were hot air balloons wrapping up for the day using the last bit of propellant and my inner Beavis said fire, fire! Bwahaha, that could be a fierce weapon if need be.
Some metal bicycle pedals on a chain, a table leg with nails hammered through, a lead pipe billy club, guns are too nice.