Hardened criminal, released early-no bail, molests, murders woman, kills her dogs, sets fire to her home


Troy Davis, 51 (aka Troy Davies) was let out from prison early on parole, having served only half his sentence. He stole a car and was released without bail despite a long criminal history. His most recent arrest prior to that was for a violent felony.

The homeless transient had randomly masturbated on one person’s porch and then ended up in the home of a random 61-year-old woman in Sacramento. He allegedly raped and murdered her, killed her dogs, and set her home on fire.

Detectives booked Davis for murder, arson, burglary, and sex assault charges against the 61-year-old victim. At this time, detectives believe that the victim and suspect were not known to each other.

Troy Davis is described by the California Globe as “the model three-strikes criminal, yet was out on zero bail after committing yet another crime.”

Thank the Soros prosecutor George Gascon for much of the crime wave in LA.

The No-Bail Law

Zero bail was rejected by California voters in 2020, but introduced as legislation in January 2021 by Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Los Angeles) as Senate Bill 262.

Ironically named the “Safe and Resilient Communities Act,” SB262 will shut down Surety Bail in California, as the Globe reported recently. “Defendants will be left with 2 choices —- Cash Bail which is the full amount of the Bail which will be set by the Judicial Council – this takes away Bail Schedules from all 58 counties – or stay in jail,” a bail agent explained to the Globe. “This will lead to mass incarceration.”

They want to kill the bail process in a pie-in-the-sky effort at fairness. SB262 has the judge asking the defendant if he or she can pay, and, on his/her word, if s/he says he can’t, s/he’s free without bail.

There are no background or asset checks.

The California Sheriffs Association explains: “Under SB 262, the individualized consideration of what the offender is alleged to have done and their criminal record does not appear to factor in the decision of what level of bail is set – only the arrestee’s present ability to pay without substantial hardship is to be considered after it is determined that non-financial conditions are insufficient.”

It doesn’t work in real life.

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