Another shooting in CHOP & CHOPeans will not leave


There was another shooting in CHAZ/CHOP. That’s that third shooting. One teen was murdered and another injured in the first shooting, but the CHOPeans won’t let the police in to investigate. The second shooting landed a person in the hospital. Now there is a third. A woman also claimed she was raped. Police can’t do a thing.

The weak Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan said the CHOPeans have to go but she wants them to go voluntarily. They say they won’t go.

They are making coffee and won’t leave.

CHOP is a collection of wild, lawless people. They need help, not encouragement.

So, yesterday Mayor Jenny said they had to leave, but they’re still there. Get on it Jenny. How many shootings and deaths in this lawless summer of love will get you to move?

Governor Inslee couldn’t care less. He’s busy ignoring it and telling people they have to wear masks all the time. We imagine CHOPeans will be exempt.

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