Prof who told Twitterati how to take down an obelisk demands a show be taken off the air – it’s racist!


Remember the scientist who instructed people on Twitter how to take down an obelisk? Well, now she’s insisting we get rid of a show she doesn’t like called, ‘Ancient Aliens.’

The popular History Channel offering, according to its website, “explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.”

The professor thinks it’s racist.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham archaeology Professor Sarah Parcak in a series of tweets on Friday, Parcak called the program “one of the most racist shows on TV” and said it needs to be “cancelled permanently.”

Well, that cinches it, if she doesn’t want it, it must go.

The show deals with ancient Egypt and I guess that’s forbidden by the leftist. Saying aliens ended up in Egypt is racist because Egyptians are people of color.

How ridiculous.

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