Another top Dem is tied to a Ukrainian oligarch who’s accused of “ordering contract killings”


Neonettle reports that the husband of Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell of Florida took $700,00 from a Ukrainian oligarch who is “accused of ordering contract killings.”

The representative has pushed hard for the President’s impeachment based on his alleged and unproven collusion with Ukraine. She sits on the powerful Judiciary Committee, the committee that made the final decision about the impeachment.

Mucarsel-Powell’s husband, Robert Powell, was reportedly paid huge sums of money by several Ukraine-based firms owned by wealthy Ukrainian “businessman” Ihor Kolomoisky, public records show.

For ten years, Robert Powell represented companies owned by Kolomoisky, the powerful banking, and mining oligarch. That information came from a Miami-Herald report.

In her federal financial disclosures, Mucarsel-Powell reported that her husband of fifteen years earned most of their household income during the previous two years from a trading corporation associated with Kolomoisky. The documents show Powell earned at least $695,000 from the Kolomoisky-linked company.

Mucarsel-Powell, a leading, and up-and-coming [far-left] Democrat says it’s all irrelevant. Of course, she did.



  1. Yeah, but she didn’t know anything about the guy’s criminal activities.

    Probably because “Quid Pro” Joe Biden had the only legitimate NOT corrupt prosecuter/lawyer in the Ukrainian government FIRED as a requirement to get the Billion dollars in aid the country was awaiting. [there’s video of him admitting to this blackmail, it’s all over the web… unfortunately NOT in mainstream media] and guys like her benefactor weren’t investigated yet.

    Sure. But why was her husband taking money from the guy at all?

  2. More and more Democrats are tied to Ukraine corruption and graft…but they sure are lucky! They’d REALLY be in deep trouble if they were Republicans!

  3. What has me curious is why NOBODY has paid any attention to the $1B in fraud linked through the Ukraine’s former “CFO” who now governs Puerto Rico – Natalie Jurasco. She was appointed by Obama and operates at the behest of the Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee (the actual authority that really runs Puerto Rico). Just ONE of the major frauds she’s working to cover up involves the power authority’s purchases of cheap Venezuelan oil, for which they paid North Sea Norwegian prices as if it were high-grade oil…pocketing the difference. When the money ran out, the power authority, PREPA, started borrowing hundreds of millions to continue the fraud which now amounts to about $1 Billion.

    There’s an Amazon book and a youtube video that details the entire fraud, both authored by Richard Lawless. He sent packages with direct proof to the DOJ, every member of Congress, the SEC, the FBI, and in response, heard……crickets. Google “Richard Lawless PREPA fraud”. STUNNING reading and youtube viewing.

    The depth of fraud is also the subject of a civil RICO action – since the FBI and DOJ ignored the evidence, a private attorney took it on and brought a federal class-action case on behalf of the bond holders that were swindled in the scheme. PR’s legislature attempted to pursue it but all the suspect and witnesses relied on Rick Scott’s playbook…”I refuse to answer on the advice of my counsel and invoke my 5th Amendment rights.”

    Quid Pro Jose

  4. Why does America give money to the Ukraine if they have so much to give out to these insiders? That doesn’t make sense. I am going to look up the info posted by Randy.

    • Jen, the money they ‘give out’ is your’s and my tax dollars. the government says we owe it, we pay it. The govmnt sends ‘aid’ money to Ukraine, to help them evolve. Corruptocrtas in Ukraine give out to our lawmakers, to keep on doing what they do.

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