Churchgoers with Guns Terrifies USA Today Writer


A USA Today op-ed, with a newly-minted disclaimer on top of an article about the White Settlement shootings, claims it was “terrifying” that several parishioners were armed when a gunman opened fire during a church service in Texas. The article was not received well for good reason.

Parishioner Jack Wilson shot and killed the gunman at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas on Sunday. Two other parishioners were killed in the attack.There were seven others who stood up, ready to defend the churchgoers from the monster.

The author, Elvia Diaz wrote:

“Opinion: Jack Wilson is exactly the type of person you want around with a gun because he’s a firearms instructor,” reads a tweet on Wednesday promoting the op-ed written by Elvia Diaz by USA Today’s official Twitter account.

“But we know nothing about the at least six other parishioners who also appeared to draw their handguns. And that’s terrifying.”

Diaz wisely calls Wilson a hero and then laments the PR value of a hero with a gun killing a monster.

She says it was “terrifying” that other parishioners were already ready to take out the gunman if needed, Diaz further declares:

Of course, that wouldn’t matter to the churchgoers of that community of roughly 18,000 residents, right? What matters is that Wilson saved them with a single shot and other gun-wielding parishioners were ready just in case Wilson failed.

But have we really reached a point when each of us needs to carry a firearm anywhere we go? Gun advocates certainly think so. They point to Wilson and the new Texas law that allows him and others to carry firearms inside the church.


It doesn’t hurt for a lot more people to carry guns, Elvia. If enough people do, it will serve as a deterrent eventually. Gun-free zones are absurd.

We always had a right to a gun for self-defense or to protect ourselves from a government in the hands of people like Elvia.

USA Today is why the media is dying as it should. They don’t serve the purpose for which they were intended and don’t deserve the special privileges afforded them under the First Amendment. There are too many reporters with opinions. While this article was at least labeled ‘Opinion,’ it sets a tone for the outlet. It’s also true that the media, including USA Today, puts opinions in their news articles.

They call half the nation homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, racists, Islamophobes, and whatever, and they think we care what they have to say.

Half the country doesn’t care what these people think and I’m not sure about the other half. Just report the news and dump Diaz.

The Democrats might be miscalculating on the gun issue. A lot of Democrats hunt and keep guns for protection. How do they think we got more than 300 million guns in the country?


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