Another Witness to Terrence Bradley’s Perjury in Willis-Wade Case


The case for removing Fani Willis and Nathan Wade from the Donald Trump and co-defendants’ RICO cases in Georgia is strong. Their testimony was not believable, and neither was that of Terrence Bradley.

Bradley is Nathan Wade’s former law partner, who left the firm in 2022. The judge ordered him to testify last week when his claim of attorney-client privilege fell apart.

Terrence Bradley

Bradley was caught lying when attorney Ashleigh Merchant sent his texts to the computer before him as he testified. The texts proved he said plenty about their relationship, which he texted began in 2019.

When caught red-handed, he said, “Oh, dang,” giving himself away like the dog caught eating the birthday cake. Later, he came up with the fantastical excuse that he was only “speculating” when he gave out those details.

Unfortunately for the trio of potential liars, a new witness has come forward, and if he’s telling the truth, they are proven to be perjurers.

A waiter called Meghan Kelly and said he served Bradley and Wade five weeks ago, which means Bradley lied when he said he hadn’t spoken with Wade in two years. If true, he lied under oath.

On Tuesday, Terrence Bradley testified that he hadn’t spoken to Wade in two years. The waiter can be checked. A third person was present.


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