Leftist Oregon Recriminalizes Hard Drugs


Far left Oregon has found religion. They passed a bill to recriminalize hard drugs as overdose deaths skyrocket. They will never be able to take back all the lives that were ruined due to their lax attitudes toward dangerous drugs in a country filled with cartel leaders spiking the drugs with who knows what.

Their experimentation with decriminalizing dangerous drugs has cost people their lives. Instead of using their common sense, they went with ideology.

The overdose deaths have become so horrific that the governor declared a state of emergency for Portland’s fentanyl crisis, which all but ended the leftist policy.

In 2020, a measure to decriminalize small amounts of all drugs and redirect much of the state’s marijuana tax revenue to fund grants for addiction services was passed into law Under ballot measure 110 with 58% of Oregon residents approving the measure.

Since then, overdose deaths have skyrocketed. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Poisoning Americans to Death

The bill now heads to the desk of Governor Tina Kotek, who said she is open to signing a bill that would roll back decriminalization.

This bill will allow police to confiscate drugs and crack down on their use in sidewalks and in parks. Drug treatment will be offered as an alternative to criminal penalties.

The bill also makes it easier to prosecute persons who sell drugs and increase access to addictive medication. It also makes obtaining and keeping housing easier without discrimination for using that medication.

Democrat senator Lew Frederick of Portland criticized the bill. He thinks it will use the same failed tactics of the past and reinforce the “punishment narrative.”

What he doesn’t understand is that it fails because addicts fail, not because the law failed. Addiction is a very hard thing to fight.

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