Another Woman Condemns Biden for Head-to-Head Contact


Politico reports that yet another woman has come forward to accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriate physical contact. That makes number eight by our count. Expect a dozen more or so as the progressives encourage this to wipe out the old white guy who is not a communist.

Joe Biden and Sofie Karasek

Sofie Karasek, an advocate for sexual assault survivors, penned an op-ed in The Washington Post Thursday detailing the backstory behind a viral photo of herself and Biden after the 2016 Oscars. She felt a “sense of shame and belittlement” about it. She calls for Biden to take greater responsibility for his overly physical behavior in the past.

Karasek had just appeared onstage at the Academy Awards alongside survivors of sexual assault and told Biden the story of a woman who days before had died by suicide after being sexually assaulted.

After she told the story, Biden “leaned down, took my hands and put his forehead to mine.”

“I was taken aback. I averted my eyes, hoping my body language could shorten the interaction. I didn’t think he was going to kiss me, but it felt like if I met his eyes, it wasn’t out of the question, either,” she continued. “It was unwelcome, uncomfortable and strange. At the same time, I was glad to convey this serious message to him, glad it seemed to resonate with him.”

Oh, good grief, why didn’t she just say to him that it was a little too much closeness for her comfort?

We don’t like Biden, in fact, we can’t stand him, and we strongly condemn his naked swims in front of female Secret Service agents. We also don’t like people getting into our space — it ranges somewhere from annoying to creepy. Joe’s creepy, but this is overkill.

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