Anti-DEI Bill Ackman Funds the Quintessential DEI-WEF Dem


Billionaire Bill Ackman has courageously fought against the anti-Semitism at Harvard caused by DEI, only to fund it in the form of a candidate who wholeheartedly supports it. He’s funding Dean Phillips, who is not even a capitalist.

Mr. Ackman says Phillips didn’t realize what it was, and he “is being educated as we speak.”

We are in Clown World when a man who fights against the anti-Semitic DEI at Harvard sends a $1 million donation to a man who is deeply embedded in DEI and ESG, a DEI offshoot, and then thinks the man just didn’t realize what it was. He is talking about a man who built his entire congressional campaign on DEI.

Phillips, a devoted WEF supporter, is a wealthy unknown who served in Congress for three terms and dropped out to run for president. Although he claims he is anti-establishment, he is the neo-Democrat, the perfect new DEI-WEF Democrat.

Phillips founded the Stakeholder Capitalism Caucus. Stakeholder capitalism isn’t capitalism; it’s an invention of Klaus Schwab’s. It is the driver of ESG, which is also referred to as multistake capitalism. The WEF changed the name of stakeholder capitalism to inclusive capitalism as the name became vilified.

Klaus Schwab and his elitist allies have taken it upon themselves to “impose the state of the world,” but he adds his allegedly higher moral purpose to sell it. They will be honorable stakeholders serving the community. Additionally, they will be kind enough to “collaborate.”

As Jordan Schachtel has said, It has nothing to do with capitalism but serves as a means to deliver corporate ideological subservience to the state, similar to how enterprise is structured in China.

As Dr. Jordan Peterson writes, “It’s a blindness so stunning, you can’t believe it until you see and hear it,” as he linked to Ackman’s post, which states:

I believe @deanbphillips didn’t understand what DEI was when it was made part of his website. I made the same mistake. He is getting educated as we speak. Let’s listen to what he has to say after he gets educated. That’s the danger of the DEI movement. It comes inside a Trojan horse of constructed of beneficent sounding words.

Mr. Ackman is naive. Dean Phillips is intelligent and knows exactly what it is.

Jordan Schachtel pointed out Phillips‘s devotion to it and his full understanding of what it means. He specifically uses equity over inclusion. This was on his campaign site.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

I knew very little about Ackman when he “popped up ” in the news a couple weeks ago for fighting Harvard on both anti semitism and the huge plagiarism problem.

I figured that maybe he was one of the good guys.

Then a few days ago by chance I found a documentary in which we see Ackman fighting Herbalife ,
but it turns out that Ackman was more interested in helping the hispanic community – and especially illegals – than he cared about what Herbalife was doing that was so bad.

The documentary is very focused on hispanics and illegals whom they call ” undocumented” ( yeah and a bank robber makes an undocumented withdrawal right ? ), to whom Ackman promises millions of dollars, and most of them do not even speak English!

After that pro-illegals documentary, I realized Ackman is not really one of the good guys…

Anyone who feels sorry for illegal invaders,
Anyone who feels sorry for the people replacing us cannot be that much of a good guy.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Ackman has no credibility whatsover. He is one of the billionaires who are so outraged at the anti-Israel rhetoric coming from the very leftism they have supported many years. Many of these elites doing so are Jewish.

I see nothing Ackman is doing as courageous, I see it as Israel first and America last. He never speaks up for America.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

An excellent exposé.