WEF Dutch PM Mark Rutte Wants to Run NATO


Bloomberg reports that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, whose government collapsed in July, said he is open to succeeding Jens Stoltenberg as the next secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Rutte plans to leave as PM on November 22.

The post of NATO secretary-general is “very interesting,” Rutte said in an interview on Dutch radio on Saturday.

The top role at NATO “would be very interesting, and I could still contribute something,” Rutte said in an interview with Dutch radio on Saturday. He said he doesn’t plan to campaign for the NATO role, but if it “comes my way, maybe yes.”

Mark Rutte at the WEF

He is the longest-serving Prime Minister of The Netherlands and is resigning after what many in The Netherlands say is failed leadership. He is known for his anti-farming ideology and championing of the four global food hubs – a product of the World Economic Forum (WEF) agenda.

The logic behind the hubs is the “elites” will control the food from four global food hubs. Food’ would come from Four Global Food Hubs controlled by the largest farming corporations on the planet. This would end small farming.

Rutte throws his weight behind it:

Something similar is already happening unofficially in the United States:

The globalist WEF, founded and led by Klaus Schwab, is close to Maoist China and admires its system of government. Schwab has worked with China since 1978.

Bloomberg said he might not get the role because they’re looking for a woman. [That is also ridiculous since they should pick on merit, not gender.] Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was touted among front-runners for the job. She denies that she is a candidate.

He’s failed as Prime Minister and now wants to run NATO. What do you think?

Dutch Critics Issuee Warnings

Many in the Netherlands will tell you he ruined the country in under a decade with his globalist agenda, flooding it with migrants, ruining the economy, and destroying the farming industry.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek @EvVlaar believes “he let the government fall some months ago – seemingly out of nowhere. It was all intentional so he could secure himself a new job with his globalist friends.” She also thinks that’s “why he rushed the CETA treaty…why The Netherlands, under his rule, provided such an insane amount of financial support to Ukraine compared to other European countries, and “why he called the Ukraine-Russia war, ‘our war’ and why he gave billions of our tax money to Ukraine and NATO. He was literally buying himself a new job.”

Vlaardingerbroek says, “This is really not someone you want to occupy the highest position within NATO…Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte ranks right up there with Justin Trudeau …”

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