Jack Smith Finds a Non-Crime He Can’t Use to Charge DJT


According to the New York Times, Jack Smith will not pursue criminal charges against President Trump for allegedly lying during his 2020 fundraising campaign.

Smith withdrew the subpoena seeking records from the campaign. The withdrawal of subpoenas for Donald J Trump for President Inc. and Save America indicates he won’t follow through on the losing proposition. Free speech allows a certain amount of lying on political flyers, and we’re not saying he lied.

For more than a year, Smith’s team has been attempting to find out whether Trump and his advisers violated federal wire fraud statutes in their fund-raising.

Jack Smith, Wikimedia Commons photo
The Times wrote:

Federal prosecutors have quietly withdrawn a subpoena seeking records from former President Donald J. Trump’s 2020 campaign as part of their investigation into whether Mr. Trump’s political and fund-raising operations committed any crimes as he sought to stay in power after he lost the election, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The decision this week by the office of the special counsel, Jack Smith, to effectively kill the subpoena to the Trump campaign came on the heels of the withdrawal of a similar subpoena to Save America, the political action committee that was formed by Mr. Trump’s aides shortly after he lost the race in 2020.

Slowing Down or Closing

The rescission of the subpoenas to Donald J. Trump for President Inc. and Save America was an indication that Mr. Smith’s office was slowing down or even closing its monthslong inquiry into whether Mr. Trump’s political operation broke any laws by citing baseless claims of election fraud to raise money. The withdrawal of the subpoena to Save America was first reported last week by The Washington Post.

The former president’s team raised nearly $250 million with persistent claims that the election was ‘rigged,’ the Times wrote.

However, there is a great deal of evidence that it was rigged in that they hid the Hunter laptop, poured ridiculous amounts of money into unsecured Zuckerboxes, and coerced social media to swing the browsers to Biden and change laws at the last minute to help Biden. There is also evidence that mail-in ballots are subject to fraud more than any other type of ballot, save Internet voting.

Donald Trump filed numerous legal challenges in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Most of them were dismissed on procedural grounds, such as they didn’t have standing. The remainder of the cases were primarily decided in favor of Trump or the Republican Party.

If the Smith team had followed through on this, they’d have to indict every politician.


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