Anti-J6 Extremism Added to Navy Boot Camp


Navy boot camp will now include classes on suicide prevention, hazing, racism, J6 extremism, and sexual assault.

Navy officials said it would tackle the problems the agency has faced involving the rise of suicides and sexual assaults, as well as fires and deadly ship collisions.

The training is a good idea but the J6 extremism is a concern, along with racism. If it’s CRT racism, it’s a big problem, but we don’t know. And how will they teach J6?

It also includes the rise of extremism after several former and active military members took part in the January 6 Capitol riot.

They aren’t worried about Antifa or Black Lives Matter, two violent communist groups, only the J6 riot, and rally?

Just to provide some information. There were at least 700,000 people at the J6 rally and 2,000 at most went into the Capitol with about 700 charged. That’s a tiny fraction of the people who were present. So 2% went into the Capitol and about 1% were charged. Just to be real, it was one bad day whereas Antifa and BLM rioted all summer after George Floyd died, killing at least 20 people, destroying billions in property, and burning down public buildings.

That’s not to excuse rioting on J6 but it’s been overblown and the left-wing riots are ignored.

The Daily Mail called it WOKE training. It doesn’t sound WOKE, but it’s hard to trust this partisan administration with J6 and racism.

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Fading Banana Republic
Fading Banana Republic
2 years ago

It is so fabulous and sporty!
External enemies don’t want none of that.

2 years ago

Navy Boot Camp used to be to weed out the whiners, wankers, and wimps. Now it looks like they create them. Boot camps are supposed to create Solders and Sailors who can readily deal with tragedy and death without losing sleep or focus over it so they can continue to fight on to victory or die trying. You can’t pull out an “I’m Stressed Out” card on the battle field or in the Middle of a Ship’s Engine Room fire. I also haven’t seen one woman in today’s Military that I would count on in Battle; most are too busy messing up Morale by trying to be popular or excepted. Mentally, woman aren’t equipped for War. There hasn’t been one All Woman Army, not even The Dahomey Mothers, that was worth a dam. Though there have been a few specialist like Lyudmila Pavlichenko who I would steer clear of. What we really need is a Military of hard-nosed, no mercy for the enemy Patriots, instead of Liberal Loser Social Justice Warriors. The Navy has been going to hell in hand basket since the Clinton Administration, by design! The Army and Air Force are even worse.

The closer woman and wankers are to the front lines the worst morale becomes and so our ability to fight. Over the years it appears that the very best woman in the Military are for the most part just average compared to their male counterparts. There aren’t a lot Navy Seals out there, last I looked there was only one woman who qualified. Woman suffer PTSD at over 5 times the rate of men and most woman burnout physically before 35 in the military. Quite Simply woman and wankers are a bad investment for the Military and we shouldn’t be playing Political Social Games with the Military.