Anti-Trump reporter says it’s ‘wrong’ for Biden to be unavailable to the press


Sam Stein is no friend to President Trump but he is concerned that Biden is unavailable to the press.

When you have Biden fans working for abc news criticizing Biden, you know it is actually very serious.

Stein wrote, “ABC notes that while Trump agreed to do a townhall, it was unable to find a date to do one with Biden. Whatever one thinks of the candidates, Biden’s reluctance to do more media is wrong, especially because it’s one of the few mediums for voters to see/question him during COVID.”

He added, “ And yes, he’s doing a cnn event tonight. But if you think Biden has been widely available to the media than you are deluding yourself.”

Remarkably, Obama’s man, Tommy Vietor actually tweeted it’s not Biden’s job to be available to the media.

He tweeted, “ Biden’s job isn’t to be widely available to the media! It’s to do whatever they think gives him the best chance of winning. Maybe that argues for doing an ABC town hall, but I would want to see some evidence for that argument.”

That is so incredibly dishonest. Biden isn’t campaigning anywhere and isn’t speaking publicly to the press because he has dementia.

Is that what we are supposed to believe now? It’s normal for a presidential candidate to hide in a basement? It’s normal for Biden and Harris to refuse to answer questions?

We have all seen Biden responding to pre-recorded questions and answers on teleprompters. Is that all he can do?

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