Antifa Affiliate Violently Attacks Police at Atlanta’s “Cop City”


Atlanta officials are building a police and firefighter public safety training facility dubbed by Antifa critics as “Cop City.”  It was violently attacked yesterday by an Antifa affiliate.

Antifa is a domestic terrorist group, mostly ignored by the DOJ and FBI. Yesterday, they attacked the site after weeks of planning and announcements on social media. Where was Attorney General Merrick Garland? Is he still in Ukraine? What about FBI Director Christopher Wray?

As background, Antifa, who define themselves as anarcho-communists, wants the police and our system of justice destroyed.

Report by Fox News:

On Sunday night, police say the DeKalb County construction site was on lockdown as crews worked to put out flames around the area.

In total, the Atlanta Police Department said 35 “agitators” have been detained. It is unknown what charges they will possibly face.

Officials say around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, dozens of protesters left the nearby South River Music Festival, changed into black clothing, and entered the site of the controversial proposed police training center. [It’s only controversial to Antifa]

It was a very violent attack.

“This was a very violent attack that occurred, this evening very violent attack,” Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said near the scene.

A video released by Atlanta Police shows what appears to be fireworks aimed at officers. In the same video, you can see items including rocks and Molotov cocktails being thrown by protestors in the direction of police, a tipped-over vehicle that later became engulfed in flames, and protestors attempting to set other pieces of construction equipment on fire.

Schierbaum called the incident a “coordinated, criminal attack against officers.”

It is unclear why the media, including Fox5, doesn’t explain who these people are and what their ultimate goals are. They are Antifa, and they seek to destroy our government. They will use some excuse, such as it’s about climate change, the environment, or police brutality. Don’t accept that. It defies common sense and what we know of them.

This is an ongoing assault, but the DOJ and FBI, so concerned about domestic terrorism, is nowhere to be found.

A Georgia State Patrol trooper was shot, and a protestor was killed during a confrontation near the site of the “Cop City” Atlanta Police Department training facility in mid-January, the Georgia Department of Public Safety confirmed.

This took place during a clearing operation of radical protesters. They’re allegedly protesting to prevent the construction of an 85-acre police training facility in the Atlanta Forest that opponents have dubbed “Cop City.”

The reason is a ruse that our administration seems happy to accept.

After the “protester” was killed, a group went into the city and rioted, looted stores, set fires, and attacked the police.

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23 days ago

Stop trying to arrest and/or reason with these siimy adamschitt head thugs, just start shooting.

23 days ago

When these violent armed terrorists attack police its time for citizens to to put these scum down. The failure of the domestic terrorists in federal law enforcement to punish these violent criminals mandates that decent citizens make a stand. When it gets to this point, citizens of this country have a constitutional RIGHT, a constitutional DUTY and a constitutional OBLIGATION to take out the trash.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
23 days ago

Why is the police not shooting them ? the antifas are shooting explosives at the police, they are trying to kill police officers, if the police shot, it would be in self defense.

The police should shoot them.

The antifas acted like a military committing an act of war.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
23 days ago

In an America interested it order, the police would have fired. This story is about law enforcement in the USA not performing its function.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
23 days ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

If they had been Trump supporters the police would have treated them super harshly, but they are antifa so they are the little darlings of the democrat party

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
23 days ago

Well I guess the voters of Georgia are getting what they either voted for or the ballot box stuffing they accepted. t is a preview of things to come, perhaps even to the point of Civil war while our enemies destroy free nations.
The world will only get uglier.
Don’t think it can’t come to your neighbourhood.