GA Trooper Shot by a Domestic Terrorist in “Cop City”


A Georgia State Patrol trooper was shot, and a protestor was killed during a confrontation near the site of the controversial “Cop City” Atlanta Police Department training facility on Wednesday, the Georgia Department of Public Safety confirmed.

This took place during a clearing operation of radical protesters. They’re allegedly protesting to prevent the construction of an 85-acre police training facility in the Atlanta Forest that opponents have dubbed “Cop City.”

The DTAF (Defend the Atlanta Forest) has been classified by the United States Department of Homeland Security as a domestic violent extremist group.”

None are white supremacists, so you probably haven’t heard of them outside of Georgia.

They’re Unicorn Riot, essentially Antifa communists. They’re good at propaganda videos:

Members of the group have been charged with terrorism.


At some point, Wright says that a protestor fired a shot, hitting the officer. Officers returned fire, killing the suspect. Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Michael Register said a protestor opened fire first. It happened while law enforcement was clearing an area in the woods.

The protesters are now calling the police murderers.

“An individual, without warning, shot a Georgia State Patrol trooper,” Register said. “Other law enforcement personnel returned fire in self-defense and evacuated the trooper to a safe area. The individual who fired upon law enforcement and shot the trooper was killed in the exchange of gunfire.”

Georgia Department of Public Safety Colonel Chris said the injured trooper is out of surgery and in stable condition in ICU. He was shot in the “pelvic-area” and he was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Officials have not released the trooper’s identity or the person killed in the incident.

Multiple law enforcement agencies have responded in DeKalb County, where the investigation is happening.

Some people involved in the alleged criminal activity are organized, while others are acting as individuals.

“They’re endangering the community and the citizens around this area,” Register said.


Earlier this year, Gov. Brian Kemp called the group part of a group of “militant activists who have committed similar acts of domestic terrorism across the country,” saying that he would bring the “full force down on those trying to bring about a radical agenda through violent means.”

Gov. Kemp hasn’t backed down.

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1 year ago

Communist & terrorist are among us.

1 year ago

The Liberals are on track to take each other out and all Conservatives really need to do is just get out of their way and watch.

Back in the Late 1960s a cop in New Orleans once told we that the problems with the city could be taken care in a few months by putting up a wall, send in trucks full of liquor on Friday Morning, and dragging the bodies out on Monday. After 3 months, end of problem.

I’m pretty sure this formula would work for every major city in America.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

Now we will be bombarded with clueless statements about his astute upbringing…lol