Antifa & BLM beat up patrons in restaurants, bars, at their homes in Vancouver, WA


Antifa and Black Lives Matter tore through residential areas, restaurants, and bars, beating up patrons, smashing windows, and hurling insults at police in Vancouver, Washington last night. The excuse is a black man was shot by an officer but the man’s family pleaded for no violence.

The man, Kevin Peterson, was shot dead this week by deputies after firing rounds at them during a chase. His social media is filled w/posts glorifying violent criminality. He was a criminal.

They confronted some people at their homes.

Most traveled from Portland to do this.

I just watched a segment of Fox & Friends and two of their interviewers were in a restaurant in Asbury Park, NJ and one man said he was voting for Biden to bring back peace and civility. Don’t people realize this is all Democrat? All this hate and violence is coming from the left.


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