Cheat tries to register dead people as Dems in Florida


An unknown person tried to register fifty dead people as new voters in Broward County, Florida, using mail-in applications.

The fraudster, who mailed the applications from Columbia, South Carolina, submitted over 50 new voter applications with 19 envelopes in the same handwriting to the Broward Election Office in July.

They were flagged as suspicious.

Most of the persons named in the applications—listed as Democrats—were deceased, Broward County elections spokesman Steven Vancore told CBS Miami.

They couldn’t determine who mailed the applications.

According to state data, Florida allows people to register to vote through the mail, but the county will mark dead people in its files as ineligible to vote. According to CBS Miami, when people show up and vote, the state requires a valid government ID to do so.

There is a lag time between when a voter dies and elections officials are notified, and the scammer appeared to take advantage of that.

“The system is based on the honor system, and the honor system is supposedly bolstered by the fact that if you lie on one of these applications, it’s a crime,” Broward Elections Supervisor Pete Antonacci said. “With determination, you can muscle your way in.”

Why would our voting system be based on an honor system in a nation full of cheats and fraudsters?

Broward County is a Democratic stronghold district and Florida’s second-most populous county. Hillary Clinton won the county with 66.08 percent of votes over President Donald Trump’s 31.16 percent in 2016.

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