Antifa destroys 100-year-old iconic Elk statue


The iconic Elk Statue before it was destroyed.

Update at the end

Around two hundred Antifa terrorists and far-left militant protesters gathered at the Portland Justice Center on Wednesday night and torched the 100-year-old elk statue. They did so much damage, it will have to be removed.

It certainly has nothing to do with racism or George Floyd.

No one was arrested and that is the disgrace of the officials in charge. If they do arrest them, they are quickly released. The mayor and his crew are allowing these domestic terrorists to destroy and terrorize Portland.

Why do the people of Portland allow this and keep voting for these incompetent leaders?

Democrats and their militia will destroy the United States. It is what they intend to do and they are positioned to do it.


The mob will leave this in their wake and they have no idea how to rebuild anything:

Mike Lee addressed Democrats refusing to condemn mob violence. But, in general, almost everyone is ignoring the mob violence.


Update: The statue might be okay but the base on which it sat for 120 years is destroyed. The statue isn’t a goal in of itself. They’re terrorists and they’re terrorizing us or trying to do so.



  1. “People are being shot! Businesses are being looted. Innocent Americans are being attacked and threatened. Lives are being ruined. Communities are burning! And democrats refuse to condemn mob violence.”

    You might want to take those blinders off and note republicans are doing little more than dems to stop the violence.

    • No blinders. The GOP are worthless but Democrats are even worse. This is their militia. As Tucker says, we have to drag these slugs over the finish line because of the alternative.

      • It is a shame that the Democrats are all for this, they are just telling Americans, hey, i hope these hoodlums’ come and tear down your homes and hurt your family’s because you might be a Republican. Wait until the Antifa moves to Nancy’s neighborhood and starts burning and looting. nothing is sacred to Antifa or the mob.

      • This is what the Second Amendment is for. The government won’t help.
        We citizens of America will have to take on these terrorists ourselves in the Red States.
        Get the trained veterans together. Most still have police. If you have a gun do lots of target practice.

    • That’s difficult when the violence is almost exclusively in cities and states run by Democrats.
      As ineffective as the Republicans may be at stopping the violence the Democrats are encouraging and supporting the lawless mobs.

  2. Robert was it a white elk ? Because if it had any white on it, I imagine it had to be racist.
    I am white so I must be guilty of letting some unknown black herder sell it to some unknown white herder 100 yrs ago. (anal)

    • That white elks Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather got it on with a black elk, They fell in love and got married and had many, many baby Elks. BAD WHITE ELK.

  3. I would love to hear their rationale for destroying a statue of an elk. This is further proof that these riots, etc. have absolutely nothing to do with George Floyd.

    Even more despicable is the fact that nothing is done to the offenders. Filing charges then releasing them does nothing; catch and release is only valid if you possess a current fishing license.

  4. Come to my house Antifa ,I have nothing to lose I’m dying with kidney failure I’ll put you out of your misery you little punks!

  5. These disgusting individuals should have been impaled on the elk’s antlers when it fell. Don’t worry, because they will get their just rewards sooner or later. Hopefully, sooner than later.

  6. The people of Portland must now do what the police and mayor won’t! Arm up and defend your town with all force needed! Including deadly force! It’s your town! Take it back now!

  7. Antifa terrorists and far-left militant protesters? there’s no such thing, far-left militant protesters, there are however right-wing nut case ones. so that’s the stupid thing I have ever seen in writing. one it was a peaceful protest and only the base was damaged, not the stag. there’s no way they would build a fire so hot that it would melt that statue, secondary if you knew the history of the stag you would realize that it should’ve been removed a long time ago. and the third Antifa are not terrorists its literally in the name anti-fascist, they are against all the things that are terrorism. forth, the stag has always been historically a place that protests have taken place an finally it WASNT DESTROYED, it simply was removed and put in a safe place because the base was damaged and they were concerned the stag would fall over and hurt one of the protesters it was a safety concern.

    • The fire didn’t get so hot it melted the statue. It said it ruined the base and they took it down for fear it would gobble and fall on someone.

  8. Like Admiral Yamamoto said after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, “I fear we have awaken a sleeping giant and have strengthened his resolve”.
    I may be going out on a limb but, as a Vietnam veteran I have faith(although dwindling), than The America I fought for will rise up and put an end or at least start the end of this senseless looting and violence.
    It’s not about George Floyd anymore. This is just pure evil.
    I’m not religious but, I am praying for America and anyone of these gutless politicians to do something and soon. Every veteran took an oath upon entering the military to PROTEC T AND DEFEND the United States of America against any threat, be it foreign or domestic, and that Oath has NO EXPIRATION DATE.

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