Antifa is metastasizing in blue cities, LA is off the charts


Antifa is out of control in a number of cities — blue cities. You might not have heard about what is going on in Los Angeles since reporters in the mainstream won’t tell you about it or they misrepresent it.

For his part, Joe Biden thinks Antifa is merely an “idea.” He only condemns violence when he is dragged into it.

The worst areas, but not the only areas, are LA, Portland, Chicago, New York, and Seattle, all governed by weak, hard-left mayors. In New York, a dozen people are stabbed every day. In LA, Seattle, Chicago, and Portland, the Antifa, and some BLM are smashing store windows, looting, and assaulting the police. They get out of jail within hours of their arrests.

In Los Angeles, as of Friday, October 2, 2020, 40 people under the age of 18 had been shot in the city, including nine under the age of 10! Between Tuesday and Friday, there were 11 shootings.

Mayor Eric Garcetti is very far left and worries more about keeping kids out of parks than the violence and destruction. That is what each of these mayors has in common – illogical priorities and no common sense.

LAPD Chief Michael Moore warned: “This is a pace of shooting and violence that we’ve not seen in years, and it has grown from an effort that began (and) issues that we saw in June and July, and now has continued to accelerate,” Moore said. “This is violence that’s impacting not just people standing on a corner against other individuals standing on a corner. This is violence that is hitting our very young and our very innocent.”

What he didn’t say is it’s caused by these anarchist/communist ‘ideas,’ as Biden would say.

Watch the clips:

Just in case you think Portland and Seattle are better since the media doesn’t report, they’re not:



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    Christopher Wray he da cover up guy for Comey, HIllary, McCabe, Strzok, Weissman, Obama, BIDEN, and the whole RICO MOB.
    Wary Wray guilty of obstruction of jusitce destruction of evidence, and many other crimes.
    Wary Wray is a slimy snake, not a Director of the once respected FBI.
    The sooner Wray is fired and locked up, the sooner justice can proceed.
    As long as Wray is Director, the american cities will continue to burn & cops will be overrun.

  2. Those Soros’ prosecutors and DA’s are quite useful to the CPUSA.
    The street brawling shock troops won’t be occupying a shower stall after the election no matter who wins.
    Somewhere gangster with a heart of gold John Dillinger is having a huge laugh as the FBI becomes as corrupt as a third world police force riding on jeeps with .50cals in El Presidente outfits.
    Don’t believe the hype about JD being some bloodthirsty villain. He was the slowest gun where Clyde Barrow viewed every situation as a time for bullets.

  3. The members of Antifa-BLM are enemy combatants being paid upwards $200 per day (night) by wealthy globalists to engage in the violent Communist take over of our Constitutional Republic. If ours was a sane society these enemy combatants would be shot and killed on site and those Mayors and Governors who are aiding and abetting them would be arrested and marched off to the nearest public square to face summary execution. They are enemy combatants and, as such, are not entitled to due process under our Constitutional Rule of Law.

  4. Time to take back the rooftops and start popping a few panti-fa rioters. Target the apparent leaders, and I guarantee, once the rest see a few heads explode, the rioting will abruptly end.


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