Portland Mayor Wheeler’s losing to ‘Antifa’ candidate Sarah Iannarone

Iannarone is said to be a Maoist and look at her skirt with Castro, Mao, Che…

Mayor Ted Wheeler is an incompetent mayor, mostly because of his ideology and the demands of the people who live in Portland. The only candidate who came close to him in the race for his position is Sarah Iannarone. She says about herself, “I am Antifa” and she wants to be the Antifa mayor.

There has been well over four months of extreme violence and destruction by antifa and Black Lives Matter in Portland. When President Trump tried to protect the federal courthouse by bringing in federal law enforcement, Wheeler falsely claimed the feds caused the violence that went on before and after they arrived and left.

Wheeler had to move out of his apartment building after Antifa tried to burn it down.

According to Oregon Live, Portlanders are digging in. Instead of going for someone who will stop Antifa, they are supporting the Antifa would-be mayor in large numbers.


She is ahead in the polls 41% to 30%. Apparently, the people in the city think they need more of what they are getting.

The poll was conducted by DHM Research on behalf of the Portland Business Alliance. If you own a business in Portland, it is past time to get out. The Democrats plan to destroy it. There will be no stopping them when she wins.

The business alliance has endorsed Wheeler in the race. A spokesperson for the group declined to comment about the poll when asked by The Oregonian/OregonLive.

The Sentinel believes he’s the lesser of two evils.

The business alliance-funded poll comes after another survey last month that showed 63% of respondents viewed Wheeler unfavorably.

I guess Wheeler’s not pro-Antifa enough. Wheeler still supports businesses and Antifa is anti-capitalist. In fact, they say they are Anarcho-Communists.

Iannarone is said to be a communist and she apparently likes anarchists. Iannarone says Antifa is in it to make Portland safe. She is a lunatic who supports Antifa.




  1. If Portland votes for this radical they deserve everything they getc with a desolate dystopia. Just don’t come whining for help when you are starving.

  2. Is there a Republican in the race or just two commies? So the crazier of the two is leading? Someone must have poisoned the water there. If the bigger wacko wins, all federal money going to Portland needs to stop the next day. If the voters there want anarchy, let them have good and hard.

  3. She’ll get out there and throw some bricks with gusto. Some Molotov cocktails and nails to spread out on the streets will be in her toolkit.
    She should make an ad showing her starting a fire in a building to burn it all down for the good of the collective.

  4. The 50 states that make up the USA are called a “laboratory of democracy”. The democracy promoters need to be ISOLATED in our REPUBLIC, and allowed to destroy themselves. It cannot happen soon enough.

  5. Burn portlandia, burn! if the people who aren’t socialist aren’t voting against this witch, then you deserve what you get!

  6. “they are supporting the Antifa would-be mayor…”

    Antifa/BLM thrive on violence, destruction, and other people’s misery. This is their idea of a utopian society, and they will  support the perfect candidate. Hopefully, Utopia will collapse when their freebie$ run out.

  7. Why is there not a law and order candidate in the mayoral race? Are the people of Portland so depraved as to wish to live in anarchic misery? If so, the quotation attributed to Simin de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester comes to mind, “Kill them all and God will know His own.” Better that Portlanders be made an example of Marxist annihilation than to allow it to metasticize and kil the rest of us.

  8. Portland is getting exactly what it deserves. It is now officially a third world city/state. As most of the rest of the country slowly opens back up and sees things turning around, cities like the chit-hole Portland are being left behind. Hopefully they are eventually fenced off and deisgnated no-go zones.

  9. These idiots in Portland deserve exactly what they vote for. I didn’t know anyone was that stupid, but I guess that they really are. Don’t come crying to the US taxpayer when the shit storm hits. You own it. More power to you. If this idiot wins, Portland will be no more. Silly sheep.

  10. It isn’t that Antifa is more popular than before…it’s that contributing citizens have fled or been driven from Portland and Antifa monsters are all that’s left! LOL! They can have Portland!

  11. LOl, Portland looks like its made up of 85% liberal progressive globalist and 15% Americans. Look like time to move all families and business out to real freedoms and rights state and let Portland turned into a very high tax everything, let the nuts out, dog crap of a town that will turn into a wasteland very soon because of their asinine view.

    CHAZ, BLM, Antifa, NFAC, MSM. All bankroll and approved by the deep state, Rothschild’s, Soro’s, Bushes, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Liberal Progressive socialists, the democrats party, RINOs and others.
    All who want to destroy America. Our rights and freedoms and to lord over us. Saying what we can and cannot do, own or say.

    Qanon.pub__Qresear.ch__Qalerts.app__To learned the truth “X22 Report” n “Now we know” on U tube for more info.

    "Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners" George Carlin

  12. We must encourage allthe Marxists and fekllow-travellers to take refuge in their new utopias of Portland and Seattle and then irradiate the scum. Lets not leave these vermin for the next genberation to deal with.

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