Concern that GOP will cave to outrageous relief bill as Powell sounds the alarms


Federal Reserve Chairman Jeremy Powell is sounding the alarm — we must have another stimulus. The problem is that the package Democrats want is filled with socialist pork – dangerous pork given its long term effects.

Ironically, Democrats have already added trillions as a deal to get these packages and then attack the GOP for adding to the deficit.

“The ex­pan­sion is still far from com­plete,” Mr. Pow­ell said in re­marks to be de­liv­ered at a vir­tual eco­nomics con­fer­ence Tues­day. “At this early stage, I would ar­gue that the risks of pol­icy in­ter­ven­tion are still asym­met­ric. Too lit­tle sup­port would lead to a weak re­cov­ery, cre­at­ing un­nec­es­sary hard­ship.”

By con­trast, the risks of pro­vid­ing too gen­er­ous re­lief are smaller, he said. “Even if pol­icy ac­tions ul­ti­mately prove to be greater than needed, they will not go to waste,” he said.

For 68 days, Nancy Pelosi has played politics with American lives and livelihoods. Republicans have introduced bill after bill to help American families and businesses who continue to struggle as a result of Democrat-caused economic lockdowns.

The virus didn’t cause record-high unemployment. The virus didn’t force companies out of business. Local and state politicians did that, and most of them were Democrats.


New York is a perfect example. Governor Cuomo keeps locking everything down — one size fits all. He comes up with arbitrary seating in restaurants and closes all the schools if a handful of children get the virus when he could allow quarantining of the affected. King Cuomo keeps closing everything, arbitrarily, instead of looking at the specifics. He’s destroying businesses, and he wins lawsuits because of corrupt judges.

Cuomo’s closing everything in nine zip codes. It’s illogical to go by zip codes. If you can’t go to a restaurant in Kew Gardens, you just walk down the block to one in Forest Hills. Cuomo isn’t very bright.


Pelosi has a package giving cities and states a trillion dollars of a 2 trillion dollar package with NO restrictions. They can spend it on anything they want. Republicans want it restricted to virus-related budget items only. Democrats want to pay bills for their profligate spending.

California would be allowed to use the funds to bail out illegal aliens. New York would be allowed to use the funds to defend against an NRA lawsuit. Illinois would be able to use the funding to bail out its public-sector unions’ pension programs. Washington State wants to give hundreds of dollars in cash to every illegal alien.

The only restrictions Pelosi put in was it couldn’t be used for policing. That is where they place their values.

The bill also includes:

  • It gives federal taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal aliens — any illegal who wanders into the country.
  • Her bill allows ballot harvesting and revokes state-level ID laws.
  • She has funding in it for pot shops.
  • They want hundreds of millions for public broadcast and funding for local press retirement plans.
  • Policing of racial makeup of corporate boards is in the bill.
  • Endless climate change pork that won’t do a thing for climate change in our lifetimes or any likely.

There is more. Call your congresspeople and tell them to vote ‘no.’ None of this has anything to do with COVID-19.

These ads explain briefly:

The fear of course is the GOP will cave due to the economic pressure. Democrats won’t care if the economy crashes.

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