Antifa Kills Free Speech in UC Berkley


A four-day free speech event planned to start tomorrow at University of California at Berkeley has now been canceled. The spokesperson for UC Berkley Dan Morguloff was undoubtedly only too happy to cancel. He’s been an outspoken critic of conservative speakers.

Morguloff said the group pulled the event, but forgot to mention the university made it impossible for the speakers to speak

The free speech group said they were pulling the event for safety reasons.

“The university has made it impossible to hold the event,” the group’s attorney, Marguerite Melo, told the website. “A lot of these speakers have withdrawn. To have an empty gesture of ‘Free Speech Week,’ when there are no speakers is impossible. And the university couldn’t guarantee our speakers would be safe,” Fox News reported.

“We are very disappointed,” she added “We are going to cancel. We have made a determination, or our clients have, that it is just not safe. If we had had Zellerbach Hall, that would be a different story. But my clients didn’t want to be responsible, even morally, if something happened.”

If you think you have free speech, you don’t, not when conservatives aren’t allowed to speak to the small number of people who wanted to hear them. For example, this little website is under attack by Antifa, Black Lives Matter because even I am not allowed to have a public voice.

As the spokesman, Dan Morguloff, was giving the presser, leftist students barged in and took it over. Instead of disciplining the students, he fled. He should be embarrassed.



  1. Milo and Cernovich were there for a short time but didn’t stay long. I assumed they just gave up but according to Mike the police said they had to leave. He made a interesting point in that the security necessary is similar to what a President would require or someone with Secret Service protection. The event area was channeled through a narrow barricade which made matters even worse.

  2. Dan is a pathetic little worm. The perfect example of cowardly college administrators all across the nation. They’ll wind up paying a price the enrollment box office….just like Missouri has.

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