Antifa, Proud Boys, guillotine, fires, feces, fireworks in Portland


It was pure mayhem in Portland yesterday. In the afternoon, antifa fought with the Proud Boys, a right-wing group. By night, they were rampaging through downtown Portland and surrounding residential areas.

The afternoon melee was insane:

At the antifa vs right-wing riot, antifa and some Black Lives Matter used urine-loaded super soaker water guns in the fight. They also had bottles of feces mixed with water to create a brown slush. These were thrown at the pro-police side. This is on top of eggs and rock projectiles.

They also put the USA in the guillotine, just to be sure you understood their intent.

The police mocked them in the first clip.


Mayor Ted Wheeler, who told the mob he supports them, was represented by a teddy bear with its head in a guillotine.

The gall of these people is stunning. They are keeping people from going home:

Imagine these thugs running through your neighborhood. If this keeps up, unabated, you won’t have to imagine much longer.

They threw fireworks as usual until it was declared a riot. Instead, the politicians should be stopping it before it begins. In the least, they should take arrests seriously.

It has now spread to Denver:

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