Kellyanne’s disobedient daughter wants to divorce her mom – officially


Update on this link. Kellyanne and her husband quit to parent their children.

The 15-year-old Trump-hating daughter of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway and Lincoln Project co-founder and Trump hater George Conway told her social media following on Saturday that she is “officially” working to emancipate herself from her family. Specifically, she wants to divorce her mom after learning she will speak at the Republican National Convention.

Claudia, just don’t watch it.

“I’m officially pushing for emancipation. Buckle up because this is probably going to be public one way or another, unfortunately. Welcome to my life,” Claudia Conway, 15, wrote on Twitter.

She tweeted, “My mother’s job ruined my life… It’s all about money and fame, ladies and gentlemen.”

Recently, she said her mother arrested her. You can listen to that TikTok on this link.


The disobedient 15-year-old has launched a public assault on TikTok against her parents, mostly her mother, for months.

She has called for people to trash Trump “restaurants, hotels, and golf courses” by leaving one-star reviews.

Claudia also wrote in early July that “our president for the next four years is either going to be a r@pi$t or a r@pi$t.”

Under the handle of “@shortfakeblonde,” she regularly trashed President Donald Trump and expressed her support for Black Lives Matter.


As to the emancipation, Claudia has even asked socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York to adopt her.

The only political view she shares with her father is hatred of Trump, nothing else, she claims.

Claudia also said her mother’s job, working for Trump, ruined her life.

Claudia went on to say that she and her Trump-hating father don’t share any political views other than their dislike for the president:

Claudia is apparently “devastated” that her mother is speaking at the Republican National Convention:


In an earlier interview with USA Today, Claudia said her father supported her videos, and she was,, at that point, not as disrespectful of her mother.

“My dad is pretty supportive of it, you know, my mom, she’s always taught me to stand up for what I believe in,” she said.

“A lot of people have been telling me that I’m disrespecting my mother by doing this—I’m not at all,” she added. “I want nothing but love for her because she is an amazing person.”

Her idols are communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and very far-left Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In mid-July, she announced that her parents forced her to delete her social media accounts after they trolled them. In one tweet, she told her father she was sorry his marriage didn’t work out.

The social media ban didn’t last long and now Claudia is nastier than ever, mostly towards her mother. At one point, she called her mother, “smelly Kelly.” She once live-streamed her mother trying to take her phone away.

It’s a pity they ever gave her one.

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