Obama said Biden’s and Sander’s goals “are not that different”


In a recent interview, the New Yorker asked Barack Obama how he interprets Biden’s swerve to the left. “If you look at Joe Biden’s goals and Bernie Sanders’s goals, they’re not that different, from a forty-thousand-foot level,” he argued.

Basically, he said they hae the same goals, but it’s a matter of how to go about it. Barack Obama is every bit as far-left as Bernie, but he’s an incrementalist. Incremental changes are more likely to take hold before anyone realizes what has happened.

Barack Obama wants you to know you’re voting for communism. Bernie, as a Democratic socialist, is to the left of the Communist Party USA.

Bernie has confirmed Biden’s radicalism too, and Biden agrees, calling himself one of the “most progressive presidents in American history.”

Far-left Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has said Biden has the most far-left plan “that we will see in I think our lifetimes in America.”

The Bottom Line

Bernie Sanders has completely taken over the Democratic Party.

The 110-page Biden-Sanders manifesto gives you all the information you need. If you vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, you are voting for communism.



Liberty is not discussed in the manifesto, the working people are not discussed. It’s a pure communist ideology and a total loss of freedom for Americans.

  • Retrofit millions of homes and buildings to prevent CO2, which is the stuff of life.
  • Expand municipally-owned broadband networks (we’ve been told they want it to go free to numerous populations).
  • Expand unionized, municipally-owned jobs in elder care, health care, and child care with benefits imposed by the federal government.
  • Propose a postal banking system to expand access for low-income families, funded by the federal taxpayer. They want their own bank.
  • Forge a new social and economic contract.
  • Bail out states and cities.
All of it puts everything in the hands of the federal government:
  • $15 nationwide minimum wage because one size fits all in their minds.
  • Massive expansion of public sector unions.
  • Elimination of right to work laws in states.
  • Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and the Power Act: Further public guarantees to public sector unions, guaranteed sick leave, guaranteed family leave, and so on.
  • Massive redistribution of wealth through taxation.
  • The federal government will provide affordable housing.
  • Federal homeowners renter bill of rights.
  • Federal involvement in local zoning decisions and neighborhood economic and racial diversity aimed at the suburbs.
  • Retool assembly lines for zero-emissions vehicles.
  • All American school busses transition to zero-emissions vehicles within years.
  • Massive expansion of public transportation.
  • Massive regulation of fossil fuels leading to brownouts and blackouts as we see in California. They want to end natural gas, coal, and oil.
  • Public option in health care which will lead to single-payer. Private health insurance can’t compete with the bottomless taxpayer purse.
  • Commit to eliminate pollution — they call CO2 pollution.
  • Install 500 million solar panels, 60,000 wind turbines, all clean energy jobs will be unionized.
  • Pursue climate and environmental justice.
In addition to destroying our energy sector, they will destroy our criminal justice system:
  • Create a federal civilian force of unarmed EMTs and social workers to go to non-violent emergencies before any police (you can’t know if it’s non-violent until you go there).
  • Reduce the militarization of police.
  • End all private prisons and detention centers including for immigrant-related offenses.
  • Prevent disparate disciplinary treatment of children of color in schools and educational settings (special rules for people of color so all outcomes are the same regardless of the offense).
  • Federal standards for the police. Lower the standard for prosecuting law enforcement officials and expand prosecutions of law enforcement officers.
  • Eliminate fines and fees for imprisonment.
  • Appoint leftists to the federal courts and to prosecutorial positions.
  • Reduce pre-trial detention.
  • Abolish the federal death penalty.
  • Retroactive reduced sentencing for all but in solitary confinement.
  • Abolish prison labor.
  • Ensure 100% housing for all former incarcerated individuals.
  • Pay healthcare for DREAMers and other people here illegally.
  • Massively expand chain migration.
  • Waivers for laws that keep illegal immigrant families separated.

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