AOC Boasts Farce Trial Is the Equivalent of an Ankle Bracelet


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bragged that Donald Trump is holding a rally in the South Bronx because he has the equivalent of an ankle bracelet on. The Manhattan trial keeps him pinned to Manhattan.

The case itself is absurd. Donald Trump doesn’t even know what felony he committed. It will seemingly come out in closing arguments.

“By the way, Trump’s doing it in the South Bronx not to make a point but because he’s got court. And the man practically has the legal version of an ankle bracelet around him, and he can’t leave the five boroughs because he always has to be in court.

“So it is truly an embarrassment to him. And I am looking forward to the response of everyday Bronxites talking about how they feel about him coming to their backyard.”

However, polls show him in single digits ahead of Joe Biden in New York.

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