AOC Brags About Breaking the Law to Give Tax $$$ to Illegals


Alexandria O-Cortez is a menace to our society, working against Americans and our laws whenever she wants.

In the clip below, she brags about giving our tax money to illegal aliens illegally. They are her power base.

How she feels is more important than the rule of law.

She so ‘generously’ gave our money away to foreigners while we are over $30 trillion in debt and Americans of all persuasions are losing their livelihoods.

Open borders activist AOC has done little to help her legal residents. Crime is rampant, cartels are flourishing, and many are impoverished while she lives in a swanky apartment, doing nothing for them.

She runs around getting communist candidates elected so they too can do nothing for Americans.

Only a little over 50 percent of Americans pay federal taxes and she’s giving it to illegal aliens.

New York City residents don’t vote and people like her and Mayor Adams win with a small percentage of the populace. Republicans vote but they have been redistricted out of existence by the hard left Democrats.


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