Two Experts Say Russia Will Invade Ukraine


Fred Fleitz, President of the Center for Security Policy, said this morning that he believes Russia will invade Ukraine but Putin is hoping Ukraine will capitulate so he doesn’t have to invade.

Blaine Holt, a ret. Brigadier General said that Russia is already invading. Professional Russian officers are firing into Ukraine. There are many ceasefire violations from both parties, but Ukrainians are firing to save their lives in response to Russian assaults. That’s possibly the intel the Biden administration is referring to [that they didn’t bother to share].

General Holt believes Russia would like to invade with the least amount of cost to themselves and would be happy to simply install his own president in Ukraine.

The General said the Pentagon should resupply Ukraine and level sanctions now since Russians are attacking them at this time. He said that for all intents and purposes, Russia is invading.


Putin met with the Belarussian President yesterday in another bad sign. Also, the Pontoon bridge, joining Belarus and the Chernobyl exclusion zone, is very close to Kiev and would allow Russian tanks to roll in easily.

General Holt said the invasion could happen next week. The warmer the weather gets, the harder it will be for the tanks to roll in. They want to beat the thaw.

Russians could take Kiev in 2 to 3 days, he said. The Ukrainians will defend their homeland but their equipment is inferior to the Russian’s.

Mostly, they want Zelensky to fall and put their own puppet in, Holt said.

Currently, there is an invasion on the US border led by Democrats who care about Ukraine but not the US.

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