Watch this report on Cali, it’s the future of the USA under Biden


California companies are beginning to flee the extremely high-tax and business-unfriendly state. Sadly, these companies bring Democrat policies with them to states like Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and others.

The problems with California is a national and global problem.

Increasingly, large companies realize they can move Silicon Valley wherever they want it to be.

Housing is impossible in California.

Watch a very interesting report. It is the future of the entire country:

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Neo and the Oracle
Neo and the Oracle
2 years ago

When the whole nation is California where will everyone run to?
Will we make a stand on the beach by the ocean?
Boat people fleeing America? Eventually.

Idiocracy Has Arrived
Idiocracy Has Arrived
2 years ago

Don’t worry. Joe will give them federal bailouts. New York, too. So if you’ll just send all of your federal taxes to Sacramento this year, they’ll hold off the mass invasion of your state for one more year. Sound fair enough?

Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

Californians are welcome if, and only if they leave your failed pro communism leftist ideas in California there, we don’t want to be a state of high taxes and failure too. Wake up and realize why you’re leaving. Don’t Californicate my state.