AOC has a teeny pre-recorded 60 second spot at the DNC


The Democrat Party gave Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) 60 seconds to speak at the Democratic National Convention next week. That’s probably 60 seconds too long but the fringe left she represents is radically displeased. Others believe she will rock the house.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez waxed poetic at the slight.


Democrats are attempting to make it appear as if they are centrists with two centrist candidates [with far-far-left agendas].  If we were in Russia, they would be. They also want to shed the image of an AOC-run party.

With under three months to look like they are moving to center, the visibility of AOC and those like her must be dwarfed. It might be a heavy lift.

Biden has already said that if elected he will go down as one of the most far-left presidents in history and Harris is ranked as the most far-left Senator in the U.S. Senate by gov track. A detailed assessment by Voteview, came out slightly different. They found Harris’ voting record is farther left than 97 percent of Democrats in the 116th Senate and more liberal [leftist] than 99 percent of the Senate as a whole.  In this Senate, that is saying a lot.

The news of AOC’s mini-spot caused some on the left — the Progressives — to condemn the Democrat Party as “arrogant scumbags.”

Benjamin Dixon, who has an apple podcast, wrote on Twitter, Y’all gone fuck around and make @AOC shake the foundations of this entire democracy in 60 seconds just because you arrogant scumbags tried to diminish her impact.”

He also retweeted the ‘Black Socialist,’ who captioned her complaint, “I hope she scream “Fuck Ya’ll, Old Ass Crack*rs!” and get off the stage.”


Most who replied to her tweet are encouraging her with poems and words of ‘wisdom.’

One became an exchange with her 2nd-grade teacher which makes one wonder what kinds of poems he had her recite.

Mr. Khan here thought it was “wholesome.”

One Twitter user wrote, “Everyone with five minutes or more is going to have to tapdance and fill time between their big moments. You’re gonna have to have a fireworks display that’s nothing but the finale. Which one are people going to talk about?”

Far-left candidate for Congress, Christine Olivo wrote, “Go get em Queen soon I’ll b in congress to assist you,” adding a couple of icons, one grinning and another bellowing.

A lot of fringe left-wingers are taking over in Congress. It’s alarming.

The DNC gave a lot of time, in-person, to the postman’s son, fake Republican John Kasich, but that’s a transparent tactic to make them look more centrist. Pete Buttigieg also has time and he will go live, but he is a safe moderate-sounding radical.

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