Press baits Trump over Harris bashing him & he gives a great response


Reporters were baiting President Trump at his presser today with questions about the Biden-Harris appearance. Harris took time to trash Trump with lies and that is what she will do from now until the election.

CNN reporter Ryan Lizza, roughly quoting Harris, asked Trump to respond to Harris who said “your refusal to get testing up and running, your flip-flopping on social distancing and masks and your delusional belief that you know better than the experts, all of that, in her words, is the reason one American dies of COVID 19 every minute. What do you think of that?”

Trump had a great answer, “I think that’s one of the reasons she was a terrible candidate and was forced to leave the race because she got her facts wrong. You know she’s very bad on facts, very weak on facts.”

Trump continued to defend his record on testing which is a good one.

Trump always recommended that people social distance and wear masks, regardless of whether he wore one himself or not. But the left keeps lying about that.

Trump has always given good advice on COVID. His advice on HCQ has always been correct and his push to send children back to schools is now being adopted by governors who’ve had the worst COVID problems in the country.

Go to 57:31:

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