AOC: Republicans Are Trying to Police Who Is a Woman and Who Isn’t


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recently sent an incomprehensibly idiotic tweet that appeals to the most ill-informed of her followers. The tactic has worked for her so far. She will say anything that she thinks her constituents and social media admirers will buy into as long as it furthers her agenda.

AOC tweeted: How is it that the party who believes corporations are people are suddenly trying to police who is a woman and who isn’t?  These are the same people who think Arby’s is a legal human being. I don’t see them assigning genders to their shady little LLCs. Give me a break.

Our new Justice doesn’t know what a woman is either. She’s not a biologist as she explained, which in a weird way is an admission that biology is involved.

So where does one begin with the tweet?

So, to AOC, if you believe a woman is a woman and a man is a man, you’re policing what a woman is.

First of all, the pro-woman party – that’s allegedly the Democrats – wants to change what a woman is. So, if a man or a boy simply says he’s a female, we must accept that. The party of science — that’s allegedly the Democrats — thinks a woman can be a man if he puts on a dress and says he is.

Second, there is the Arby’s a human thingy. She’s referencing the 2010 Citizen’s United case which was a threat to freedom of speech. It defined a corporation appropriately as people – an organization of people with 1st amendment rights.

The Left hates free speech and attacks it as much as possible.

AOC is as dumb as a fox and knows how to appeal to ill-informed people. You have to give the communista some credit here.

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