Cali Won’t Bar Illegal Immigrants from Becoming Police Officers


A new California bill, SB 960, will open the door to illegal immigrants working as police officers. In other words, we’ll have people who broke the laws enforcing the law in California.

You can also expect some criminals or terrorists might see this as an opportunity as they have in Mexico and other drug cartel-infested countries.

SB 960, proposed by Democrat Sen. Nancy Skinner, would remove the provision that an individual must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States in order to become a police officer. The bill makes no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants, Fox News reports.

Only one member of the committee voted no — that was a Republican.

The bill currently states:

“Existing law, with certain exceptions, prohibits a person who is not a citizen of the United States from being appointed as a member of the California Highway Patrol. This bill would remove that prohibition, and would make conforming changes,” the bill states.

Skinner wants that paragraph removed and, by doing so, removes any distinction between legal and illegal immigrants.

According to Fox News Digital:

The bill only allows for legal immigrants to become police officers, a source familiar with the bill told Fox News Digital. However, the language in the bill itself does not specify that illegal immigrants are barred from doing so. The term “illegal immigrant” was unnecessary to include as other sections of federal law already barred illegal immigrants from becoming officers, the source continued.

“This bill only allows those who are living here legally and have the legal ability to work here — through a visa, a green card — to become peace officers. I just want to be clear on that,” said Sen. Skinner at a March 22 Senate Public Safety Committee.


However, what it does is remove all penalties for breaking the law. So, if illegal aliens decide to join the police department, nothing will happen to them.

The only reason to remove this is to allow illegal immigrants to sign up without fear. There is no other logical reason. It’s a small paragraph and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Having foreigners in our police force makes it less like a police force and more like a UN or DC peacekeeping organization.

Our far-left administration wants us to become less united, less cohesive, and most of all, leave us without an identity. Bringing in foreigners not lawfully in the country, and having them take over, assuming our jobs, is one way to do exactly that.

Local police are united. It’s brotherhood. That doesn’t sit well with the hard left.

This comes as the Biden administration moves to lift the Title 42 health policy despite migrant surge concerns. DHS expects about 18,000 people to cross illegally daily.

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