AOC says life-saving police robot dog is RAAACIST!


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, communist Democrat firebrand, says the police robotic dog, Digidog, is racist.

The dog, now painted blue, is used in hostage situations to reduce fatalities. It was recently used in such a situation. Two monstrous felons with sex abuse problems broke into a family home and kept a 92-year-old, a 60-something, and a young mother of a 9-month-old baby hostage.

They are monsters and one robbed a family at gunpoint just two years before. An elderly man in the home recently died of cancer and for some reason, they thought he left a large sum of cash in the home. While they held the family hostage, they zip-tied the two elderly women and pistol-whipped the young mother. She escaped.

They were now without cash since there was none in the house and the police had them cornered. They demanded pizza. Digidog was able to bring the pizza, keeping the officers safe.

They finally let their hostages go and were carted off to the slammer.

The robot costs about $75,000 and AOC said it would be better to spend it on housing or something. Of course, to her, saving an officer’s life is not worth $75,000.

She accused the NYPD of racism for deploying the device for “testing on low-income communities of color with under-resourced schools.”

The dog helped save the family, who were likely Hispanic.

Other critics have warned that empowering a robot to do police work could have implications for bias, mobile surveillance, hacking, and privacy.

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