Bloomberg News posts propaganda puff piece in favor of China’s wet markets


Wet markets are back, despite the fact that they are most likely the cause of the latest pandemic. Some never closed and closed markets re-opened. As the world is devastated by the coronavirus, customers are flocking to buy freshly slaughtered wildlife in wet markets in Dongguan and Guilin.

There is mounds of evidence that the coronavirus pandemic began in the Huanan wet markets in Wuhan, China. In light of this, why would Bloomberg News publish an article titled, “China Is Reopening Its Wet Markets. That’s Good.” It’s in the ‘Opinion’ section but it’s serious propaganda in favor of wet markets.

The photo and the charts in the article are misleading, but it’s more what the author says that is both stunning and dishonest.

Author David Fickling claims that the “often less than hygienic” wet markets should remain open. That’s despite the fact that he says they “may seem a fertile breeding ground for the virulent novel diseases that cross the species barrier to humans and occasionally become pandemics.”

Fickling writes: “Places where a range of common and exotic animals mix together while bodily fluids flow freely may seem a fertile breeding ground for the virulent novel diseases that cross the species barrier to humans and occasionally become pandemics. At the same time, let’s put the outrage on pause.”

While more and more supermarkets open up, the wet markets thrive and have to thrive, according to the author, because “consumers regard them as a healthier and more sustainable alternative.”


Then he compared them with our farmers’ markets.

“The attraction of wet markets isn’t so different from that of farmers’ markets in Western countries,” he writes, “consumers know the food is fresh,” he says.

They’re eating bats, dogs, cats, and other wild creatures kept in unsanitary conditions!

When was the last time you saw bats and dogs strung up or in cages piled one on top of the other with their excrement and urine intermingling in a farmers’ market?

Here is more:

All wet markets need is “better building design,” the author claims.

Consumers know the food is fresh because there’s generally little refrigeration, so everything must be sold on the day. If in doubt, they can ask the stallholder what’s in season and which produce is best at the moment. If they think one market looks unsanitary, they can choose to shop at another….

To the extent that the mix of the raw and the cooked in Asia’s wet markets is a health problem, it can easily be mitigated by better building design (such as separating meat, vegetable and livestock areas and keeping markets fully enclosed), plus the sort of mandated cleaning regulations found in places like Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.

The reality is they stack wild animals in cages on top of farm animals where animal entrails are hosed down and are allowed to mix with urine, feces, and diseases. There is rotting flesh and animal blood pouring freely. How many have rabies or other diseases?

Oh, yum.

The wet markets are linked to SARS and ebola. How many pandemics do Fickling and Bloomberg’s outlet need before they get it?


Politico reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House coronavirus expert, has called for the world to pressure China, and other nations that hold wet markets, to shut them down.

“It just boggles my mind how, when we have so many diseases that emanate out of that unusual human-animal interface, that we don’t just shut it down,” said Dr. Fauci, reports the news agency.

He thinks visas should be halted.

It does boggle the mind as to why dictator-loving Mike Bloomberg has a piece like this in his paper, albeit in the ‘opinion’ section. We have heard repeatedly that these news sites are owned by China and write glowing articles at their behest. Is that what is going on here?

This is a false propaganda piece. Why was it in Bloomberg news at all?

Lindsey Graham said on Fox & Friends on March 31st, “About the last three or four pandemics have come from the Chinese wet markets. I don’t think this came from a Chinese military lab, but these wet markets are gross, they’re just absolutely disgusting selling exotic animals that transmit viruses from animals to human beings.”



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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

If you “buy” the wet market story…could sell you a good bridge in NYC…

Rich Gongol
Rich Gongol
3 years ago

The more I read stories like this, the less I believe in leftist conspiracy theories. It’s really just complete ineptitude and idiocy that drives their preferences and decisions.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

This is suicidal from a truly evil country that will continue to spread diseases worldwide.

Edward W Tyndall
Edward W Tyndall
3 years ago

Dirty gooks

3 years ago

What an absolute moron. China own Bloomberg News?