AP hit piece of GOP obstruction in Flynn case is “much ado about more bs”


The MSM has a new scandalous story they are reporting and other outlets responding melodramatically. The MSM says new documents show General Mike Flynn was asked by people tied to President Trump and in Congress to sway his cooperation. They are also reporting the prosecutors didn’t have all of this documentation.

Flynn provided a recording of one such interaction which the prosecutor already had and which Judge Emmet Sullivan will release to the public, along with memos along the same lines.

The names of the people or the details of the conversations were not described BUT NO ONE WAS ARRESTED. How bad could it have been?

OANN reporter Jack Posobiec tweeted, “We already knew Michael Flynn cooperated with SCO. They asked questions, he responded truthfully. His lawyers had a joint information sharing agreement with Trump’s. This really isn’t news or even particularly relevant.”

It is old news and, more importantly, THEY HAD A JOINT SHARING AGREEMENT.

If they are so concerned about obstruction, where is the investigation of Hillary’s very blatant obstruction?

Posbiec’s tweet was linked by General Flynn’s brother, Joseph, who added, “much ado about more bullshit.” He included the President, his sister, his brother General Flynn in his tweet.


Flynn’s sister Barbara Redgate retweeted an article by Conservative Treehouse. The article states that in addition to the transcript of the phone call, Judge Sullivan wants a transcript of the phone call between Mike Flynn and Russian Ambassador Kislyak. The reason being he suspects General Flynn did NOT lie. [The general was worried about his son and might have admitted to lying to save him.]

The FBI listened in on the call and recorded it but never released the transcript and Conservative Treehouse asks, why.

The judge asks for other recordings because he suspects other surveillance [spying].


At the time, Sally Yates pushed the idea that Flynn violated The Logan Act as the Russian interference narrative was introduced.

The media ran with it.

On January 6th, 2017, the Obama White House published the Intelligence Community Assessment and declared Putin and Russia wanted Trump to win and helped him by discrediting Hillary.

Brennan and Clapper gave the assessment “high confidence,” but the honorable Mike Rogers was less confident.

The narrative was born and the content of the conversation between Flynn and Kislyak was leaked.

All of this was meant to establish a framework for a pre-existing investigation, Conservative Treehouse contends.

Then Vice President Pence said Flynn never spoke with Kislyak and a lie was born. The media developed the story from there.

As Conservative Treehouse reports, on January 23, 2017, the day before the Flynn interview, Lisa Page says: “I can feel my heart beating harder, I’m so stressed about all the ways THIS has the potential to go fully off the rails.”

Strzok replies: “I know. I just talked with John, we’re getting together as soon as I get in to finish that write up for Andy (MCCABE) this morning.” Strzok agrees with Page about being stressed that “THIS” could go off the rails… (Strzok’s meeting w Flynn the next day).

We still haven’t seen the 302 [the notes of that interview], it’s being kept hidden, despite FOIA requests.

Were they stressed because they were going to exploit the Pence statement?

The FBI interpretation of the Flynn interview was the way the DOJ and FBI could control the interview content, and specifically because the only recourse that Flynn would have to contradict that FBI interpretation would be to compromise the Vice President, according to Treehouse. Pence gave a bad interview and perhaps he was mistaken. The pressure on the new, inexperienced administration was tremendous.

The author also explained how the content of the interview of Flynn seemed pre-determined.

They established leverage from memos since they were investigating him without cause since early 2016. They threatened to go after his son.

But read the details at the Treehouse to see what you think. In any case, Flynn’s sister seems to believe this is what happened.

We will find out when Judge Sullivan gets the unredacted material and anything else. Every time the MSM comes out with another ‘Trump’ scandal, it blows up on them. We predict this will be no different.


The other story stirring up hysteria is that the Trump team discussed reaching out to Wikileaks [they didn’t do it], but that was AFTER the release of the Podesta emails. They did not have advance knowledge as the FBI and CIA chiefs contended.

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